Increase Virtual Box VDI disk size on MAC or Windows

Need more space on your Virtual Box disc? I installed Windows 7 on Oracle Virtual Box but didn’t estimate the size of disk correctly. The drive is now nearing it’s capacity, how do you extend the size?  Continue Reading

Cross browser iframe auto-resize script

A useful script to automatically resize an iframe (height and width) to fit contents in. No scrollbars ever again!! Continue Reading

Prestashop direct wget download

For those who have ssh access to their Web server and would like to download Prestashop directly rather than first downloading it locally and uploading/FTP’ing to the server, here is the direct download link: Continue Reading

MAC ssh-copy-id (password less ssh login)

If your OS does not support “ssh-copy-id” command, you can use the following instead. Continue Reading

How to prepare SD Card for Raspberry Pi on a MAC

If you didn’t buy the pre-populated SD card to boot up your Pi, you need to prepare one yourself. Relax, it’s easy… Continue Reading

How to resize / extend primary partition in Windows / Server

Most of the times, it’s the C drive on a Windows machine that needs to be extended to create more space than was allocated during initial install. Continue Reading

CentOS Logical Volume Management

An alternative to creating fixed partitions and file systems is to use Logical Volume Management (LVM) to create logical disks made of space from one or more physical disks or partitions. Continue Reading

Adding a new disk to CentOS

For the purpose of this article, assume that /dev/sdb is the new disk that is to be installed.
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How to install GNOME X Window System on CentOS Linux

Login as root or run all of the following commands using “sudo” Continue Reading

Convert .dmg file on a MAC to .iso

How to convert .dmg (disk image) file on a MAC to .iso so that it can be used on a Windows or Linux box?

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Glossy accordion menu, strange behaviour in Chrome

After clicking the “Plus image” on different headers of the menu, the “Plus images” on the headers below move further down until they disappear or go at the bottom under the menu. Continue Reading